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5/ 5

blanchard :
Pleased with all transactions thank you for a excellent service

5/ 5

Morony :
As parts for the AE 50 are very rare in Australia, I was more than happy to find some blinker lenses for my scooter. Very happy with the customer service and would order parts again. 😀

5/ 5

Simpson :
Purchasing through bike-parts-suz.com was painless. I was able to find the parts I needed thanks to the technical diagrams available on the site. The addition of being able to buy using PayPal eased my mind and gave me confidence when completing the transaction.

5/ 5

Balmforth :
Bandit 1250, limited edition white, nose fairing.. Arrived in a few days, well packaged, not as expensive as I thought it would be.. Bolt that baby on and job done. Great service, much pleased, will be even more pleased when the bike is back on the road next week.

5/ 5

Carr :
Hi, the service is great, but I think the poor English in the emails and some of the webpages can be off putting. I did wonder if the site was a scam when I saw the thank you web page having entered my card details. All the best, Ian

4/ 5

William :
excellent service


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Moto 1 de 25 443
 Photo Model Name Year Common Name Country  
   AN400L5 E02  2015  BURGMAN 400  UNITED KINGDOM   Select
   AN400AL4(E02)  2014  AN400  UNITED KINGDOM   Select
   AN400AL4(E19)  2014  AN400  EUROPE   Select
   AN400AL4(E24)  2014  AN400  AUSTRALIA   Select
   AN400AL4/AN400ZAL4(E03,E28,E33)  2014  AN400  CANADA/CALIFORNIA/USA   Select
   AN400L4(E19)  2014  AN400  EUROPE   Select
   AN400L4/AN400AL4/AN400ZAL4(E99)  2014  AN400     Select
   AN400ZAL4(E02)  2014  AN400  UNITED KINGDOM   Select
   AN400ZAL4(E19)  2014  AN400  EUROPE   Select
   DR-Z400SML4(E03,E28,E33) SUPER MOTARD  2014  DR-Z400  CANADA/CALIFORNIA/USA   Select
   DR-Z400SML4(E24) SUPER MOTARD  2014  DR-Z400  AUSTRALIA   Select
   AN400ZAL3(E02,E19)  2013  AN400  EUROPE/UNITED KINGDOM   Select
   AN400ZAL3(E99)  2013  AN400     Select
   DR-Z400SL3(E03,E28,E33)  2013  DR-Z400  CANADA/CALIFORNIA/USA   Select
   DR-Z400SL3(E24)  2013  DR-Z400  AUSTRALIA   Select
   DR-Z400SML3(E03,E28,E33) SUPER MOTARD  2013  DR-Z400  CANADA/CALIFORNIA/USA   Select
   DR-Z400SML3(E24) SUPER MOTARD  2013  DR-Z400  AUSTRALIA   Select
   DR-Z400SML3(E28) SUPER MOTARD  2013  DR-Z400  CANADA   Select
   AN400AL2(E19,E24)  2012  AN400  EUROPE/AUSTRALIA   Select
   AN400AL2/AN400ZAL2(E03,E28,E33)  2012  AN400  CANADA/CALIFORNIA/USA   Select
   AN400L2(E02,E19)  2012  AN400  EUROPE/UNITED KINGDOM   Select
   AN400ZAL2(E02,E19,E51)  2012  AN400  EUROPE/UNITED KINGDOM/KOREA   Select
   DR-Z400SL2 E03 E28  2012  DR-Z400SL2 E03 E28  CANADA/USA EXCEPT CALIFORNIA   Select
   DR-Z400SL2 E24  2012  DR-Z400SL2 E24  AUSTRALIA   Select
   DR-Z400SL2(E03)  2012  DRZ 400  USA EXCEPT CALIFORNIA   Select